About Me

img_1736Life is about following your passions and being happy. Through cooking, I’ve always found passion and happiness. It has brought me closer to my family and it has even swooned the heart of my partner.

I started cooking at a young age in the rolling hills of Wisconsin trying to follow the steps of my own father who is a chef. I remember my “little cook” purple apron quite well. I think back to those moments of the Easy Bake Oven… and I laugh hysterically at the thought of breaking up spaghetti noddles into micro-pieces to put into warm water inside of my barbies plastic cooking pots.

It’s been a journey in my short life, but this blog is a mission in which I hope to bring others my sliver of passion and happiness. It is with my honor to share with you recipes I’ve learned from my travels living abroad, from family & friends, and my own twisted experimentation’s.

Live long, cook long, and be happy!